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With the experience of the past and the work of an innovative team of highly skilled experts, KÜRT has gained a lot of recognition and became a leading player in the world of data salvation. Market-leading information security services are regularly used by prestigious European business people.

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Knowledge of our experts is our greatest asset!
Our partners expect the best quality from our work and we need the best!

What is it like to work at us?

KÜRT’s primary task is to exploit the knowledge of its employees. We believe that our company can only stay in the forefront with the knowledge of its employees.

How do we help them?
The support of colleagues is continuous so that everyone can get the most out of their everyday lives.
Modern and friendly environment helps work.
It is possible to build professional relationships with clients and colleagues.
Our colleagues can take part in professional training while emphasizing personal development.
We provide competitive winnings.
We consider work-life balance important.

Find the career that best suits you.

Please contact us if:

  • She has recently graduated from college, college, or is still in the process of studying (BSc, MSc).
  • It is open to continuous development and challenges.
  • Excellent communication capability.
  • He loves and can work in a team.
  • He has good problem-solving skills.
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Almost Thirty

In KÜRT’s latest storybook, “Almost Thirty”, interesting and informative stories can be read about data backup, security threats, hackers, crackers.

We raised our thoughts on the bunch of uncertainties about the uncertainty of information and the sometimes crude way of creating security.



Almost Thirty

The book can be downloaded in pdf format by clicking on the lin

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