Our Awards


MagyarBrands Award 2022

As part of the MagyarBrands Gala, the Excellent Business Brand Award was also presented, which was won by KÜRT. At the MagyarBrands Gala, several outstanding.. Tovább


Competitive Product Development Award

Given to Sándor Kürti in 2003, the Competitive Product Development Award founded by the Research and Development Consulting Center is aimed at promoting the development.. Tovább


Healthy Workplace AmCham Award

The American Chamber of Commerce rewarded KÜRT’s exemplary human resource management with a Healthy Workplace AmCham Award.


Innovation Award

KÜRT received the 2002 Innovation Award offered by the Ministry of Informatics and Telecommunications for the elaboration of the methodology and application technology of the.. Tovább


Business Ethics Award

Founded by the Budapest Club, the 2002 Business Ethics Award was given to KÜRT


IT Manager of the Year Award

The founders of the company, János Kürti and Sándor Kürti received the IT Manager of the Year in 1997, while Sándor Kürti went on to.. Tovább


Grand Prize for Hungarian Innovation

In 1994, KÜRT won the Grand Prize for Innovation for the most significant domestic technical development of the year – the data recovery technology.


Kalmár László Award

KÜRT’s employees were distinguished by the John von Neumann Computer Society for their results achieved in computer science.


IT Manager of the Year Award

The founders of the company, János Kürti and Sándor Kürti received the IT Manager of the Year in 1997, while Sándor Kürti went on to.. Tovább


Family-Friendly Workplace Special Prize

Family-Friendly Workplace Special Prize In 2011, KÜRT Ltd won the Special Prize for being a Family-Friendly Workplace in a competition organized by the Ministry of.. Tovább


Széchenyi Award

For his exemplary and internationally acclaimed achievements of exceptionally high quality in technical and intellectual areas, Dr Sándor Kürti was awarded the Széchenyi Prize in.. Tovább


Best Workplace Award

In an international survey, KÜRT was listed among the best workplaces.


Family-Friendly Workplace Award

The company was ranked first among medium-size companies for ensuring good working conditions and keeping family considerations in mind.


Healthy Workplace AmCham Best Practice Award

The American Chamber of Commerce rewarded the excellent working conditions that KÜRT created for its employees with a Healthy Workplace AmCham Award.


Europe’s 500

In 2006, KÜRT won the Europe’s 500 Award for the most dynamically developing enterprises. Unbroken in previous years and unique in Europe, KÜRT earned recognition.. Tovább


Gyurós Tibor Award

József Kmetty, the Chief Executive Officer of KÜRT received the Tibor Gyurós Award for being the “IT Corporate Leader of the Year” for the leading.. Tovább


Prizma Creative PR Award, 1st place

KÜRT won the prize in the category of market launch and re-introduction with its application entitled “KÜRT Academy, an Intellectual Adventure Tour”.


Napi Gazdaság Innovation Award

KÜRT was given the Innovation Award of Napi Gazdaság in the category of middle-sized companies for its contribution to innovation


HBLF – Vodafone Workplace Volunteering Award

Kürt Ltd.’s H2O scheme (Education for People Living with Disadvantages) won first place in the small enterprise category of the “HBLF-Vodafone Workplace Volunteering Competition” organized.. Tovább


Best Workplace for Women 3rd place

“Best Workplace for Women” aims to point out the economic necessity of employing women, beyond equality considerations, and to provide positive examples that others…


IVSZ Qualified IT Enterprise

KÜRT joined the “Qualified Informatics Enterprise” brand founded by the ICT Association of Hungary in 2011. The trademark needs authentic, immaculate professional of at least.. Tovább


Disabled-Friendly Workplace (2012)

This recognition is awarded to employers who undertake to continuously develop their practice of recruiting, employing and retaining people living with disabilities.


Disabled-Friendly Workplace

In 2015, KÜRT Zrt was recognized for being a Disabled-Friendly Workplace. The prize was awarded by the Ministry of Human Resources, the American Chamber of.. Tovább


KÜRT Data Recovery was awarded the status of HUNGARIKUM

The Hungarikum Committee embraces emblematic cultural, architectural, culinary, medical, economic, technical and agrarian values that are widely recognized throughout the world as a proof of.. Tovább


Award for Successful Enterprises (2014)

In June 2014, KÜRT Zrt received the recognition of the Ministry for National Economy as the small and medium-sized enterprise of the month. Founded at.. Tovább


MagyarBrands 2017

KÜRT Zrt. won a Magyar Brands prize in the “EXCELLENT COMMERCIAL BRAND” category in 2017. We won the prize in the following years: Magyar Brands.. Tovább


MAF (2012)

MAF The Social Investment Program of the Year (2012) MAF Most Innovative Sponsorship Program category, 2nd place (2012) MAF Successful Partner Collaborations category, 3rd place.. Tovább


Business SuperBrands (2008, 2009, 2010)

Based on the decision of an independent expert committee, KÜRT’s brand won the Business Superbrands title.


Healthy Workplace

In the framework of the Public Health Program launched by the OEFI and the Ministry of Health, we won the Healthy Workplace recognition.


Ernst & Young

Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® Business Award Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® Business Award went to Dr Sándor Kürti for his.. Tovább


Gábor Dénes Award

Sándor Kürti was awarded the Gábor Dénes Prize for his creative technical and intellectual work in Hungary.