We support education. Why education? We had to make a choice among the infinite number of issues to support, and this is how we decided. Why did we have to choose? Because we are socially responsible, but our resources are limited.

Kürt Alapítványi Gimnázium

In 1991, we contributed to the opening KÜRT Foundation’s School by donating a large sum, equal with the total amount of our 1990 profit after tax. However, opening a school needs a lot more funds than that.

From the articles of association:

“The foundation aims at organizing and maintaining a high school system that circumvents the austerity of the institutional transmission of knowledge and restores the core function of teaching through offering students intimate insight into the workings of reality.

Accordingly, teaching is not primarily about transferring knowledge, but about shaping perspectives. Through promoting the fulfillment of individual abilities and presenting the different areas of life and different spheres of reality in their fundamental unity, the school seeks to help students balance their personality. ”

We are glad to have spent our money for the right purpose, in the right time. We are proud of the teachers and students of KÜRT Secondary School (even if we sometimes lose a football match or two).

KÜRT Alapítványi Gimnázium

President of the Board Péter Sárkány
Address: 1117 Budapest, Bogdánffy. u. 5/b.
Phone: +36-1-379-1501
Tax number: 19179117-1-41
Bank account: OTP 11710002 – 20085432


“Hátrányos helyzetű, elsősorban cigány származású gyerekek oktatásáért” Foundation 

(Foundation for the Education of Disadvantaged Children Mainly of Roma Origin)

In 1996, we founded the “Hátrányos helyzetű, elsősorban cigány származású gyerekek oktatásáért” Foundation (Foundation for the Education of Disadvantaged Children Mainly of Roma Origin) at the University of Pannonia (then University of Veszprém).

This is where we found the professors who are dedicated to this issue.

The foundation’s mission is to “provide support for talented, but disadvantaged students of mostly Roma origin, allowing them the possibility to pursue higher education. I would like to emphasize the need for supporting young people of Roma origin in their road towards earning their degree, thus giving an example to others and helping the entire Roma community, leading a disadvantaged minority life.”

Dr Géza Horváth phone: 06 88 624 258/4450
Address: 8200 Veszprém, Egyetem u. 10.
Tax number of the foundation: 18923205-1-19
Account provider: Erste Bank Hungary Zrt.
Account number: 11619004-01935100-19000009