GDPR is not a criminal law


GDPR is not a criminal law

On May 10, the Corporate Governance Summit 2018 (Piacvezetők Csúcstalálkozója) was organized by Piac & Profit and hosted at the Magyar Telekom Headquarters.

Dr Sándor Kürti acted as the chief patron of the event and held a lecture about GDPR.


Obviously, the eponymous founder of the internationally renowned data recovery company is professionally affected by the law and regards its usefulness from a very specific point of view. In the opinion of Sándor Kürti, it is high time that the information highway be given its own traffic regulations.

“If architects would design buildings the way programmers design software, the first woodpecker would destroy civilization”, said Sándor Kürti, the President of Kürt Ltd, also known for his wry comments, at the 2018 Corporate Governance Summit (Cégvezetők Csúcstalálkozója) organized by Piac & Profit. He surely knows what he is talking about. Ever since the regime change, he’s been busy correcting what others messed up. (Except when storage media is damaged by cataclysmic external factors. Such was the case when the WTC towers were destroyed on September 11, 2001. Kürti’s company took part in data recovery operations undertaken after the event.)

Traffic rules on the information highway

“GDPR is not an expletive. I want to dismiss the misconception that this is a criminal law. This is a fair and forward-looking provision by the European Union. In his speech, Sándor Kürti underlined that “the times are over when you would speed down the information highway, drunk and without a helmet.”


The article about his lecture can be accessed by clicking on the following link:

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