ITBN 2017


ITBN 2017

This year, we delve deep into the issue of artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.

  • What kind of improvements are likely in the field of automated security in the following years?
  • Machines see everything and think clearly – but is it a blessing or a curse for our profession?

During the two days of the event, we thoroughly examine both the human and the machine component.

In addition to the world’s best cyber security experts, ITBN CONF-EXPO 2017 asked ethologists and psychologists to help unravel the issue. Vilmos Csányi, the world-famous human ethologist returns to the event after six years. His 2011 lecture is remembered as the most interesting program of the ITBNs so far. Csányi will talk about the ideas elaborated in his newest book about the connection between artificial intelligence and humanity.



The event is hosted at Groupama Arena on September 20-21 this year, where KÜRT will be present with an exhibition stand and a total of four On the Crowd performances held on the following topics:

Day 1:

  • KÜRT’s pirates: The Curse of Act L (the Solution: SeConical)

Presenter: Szabolcs Kótai,

Information Security Specialist


  • KÜRT’s pirates: On Stranger GDPR Tides

Presenter: Endre Hámor,

Head of the Data Protection Competence Center

Day 2:

  • KÜRT’s pirates: Risks Managed Well Even at the End of the World (SeCube IT GRC)

Presenter: Máté Tóthmajor,

Head of Product Development, CISSP, CISM, CISA


  • KÜRT’s pirates: The Treasure of Dead Log Files (LogDrill)

Presenter: Ferenc Tilesch

Research & Development Manager



  • SeConical product show: corporate compliance with the law without any difficulties.
  • KÜRT offers wide-ranging information security solutions for medium and large enterprises, vital system operators as well as public and administrative organizations. Our methods can predict and prevent IT crashes as well as ensure compliance with statutory and reporting obligations.


  • You can learn about our new SeCube product.
  • By completing our questionnaire, you get free online access to SeCube for 2017, which your organization can use for creating authority exports required for compliance with Act L of 2013 on electronic security of state and local government (the Information Security Act) and Act CLXVI of 2012 on the identification, designation and protection of critical systems and facilities (the Critical Systems and Facilities Act).


This year too, registration is conditional on recommendation, meaning that all new participants have to request a reference from us. You can do this by sending us an email to

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