MNB 7/2017


MNB 7/2017

MNB published its recommendation No. 7/2017 on the protection of the IT system

The detailed audit package prepared on the basis of MNB recommendation 7/2017 of the National Bank of Hungary is available in SeCube. In accordance with the current regulations of the MNB, we support the comprehensive implementation, easy maintenance and detailed reporting of activities related to classification, risk analysis and service continuity planning and management.

A quote from the MNB statement:

  • 3.1.4 “If the institution does not have an appropriate and current risk analysis of the relevant threats, its risk management process can not substantiate its legal compliance. Therefore, the National Bank of Hungary (hereinafter referred to as “MNB”) acting on its responsibilities regarding the supervision of the financial intermediary system pays particular attention to ensuring that the risk analysis is adequately documented, relevant to the institution and up-to-date.”

It is of particular significance that the MNB recommends the use of SeCube-type supporting software as a progressive policy:

  • 11.2.8 Positive practice – c) if the institution uses an electronically supported business continuity system (BCM), it must ensure that current information stays accessible from the backup site if the BCM becomes inaccessible.

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