• How safe are your IT systems?
  • Could you defend yourself against an attack from the Internet?
  • What about an internal attack through LAN?
  • Do you trust your wireless infrastructure?
  • Are you surrounded with trustworthy colleagues?

Testing vulnerabilities and handling security holes is our task.

We are continuously increasing the level of IT security, both at the logical and the physical level.

Today’s cyber security situation, with particular regard to frequent news about attacks against some of the biggest companies, raises a number of questions for any responsible IT manager:

  • How safe are my IT systems?
  • What kind of IT threats am I facing?
  • How difficult is it to bypass our security technologies?
  • Is our level of security satisfactory?
  • What kind of cost-effective solutions are there for increasing our security?
  • What about data leaks? Can I prevent all cases of abuse of confidential data?

KÜRT’s offer

A comprehensive service package for cyber security issues.

We undertake the ethical hacking of your system, even if it is still under development/testing, reveal your IT system’s level of security and inform you about how safe your sensitive business information are.

Ethical hacking is about bypassing security controls, penetrating security lines, damaging the IT infrastructure and map the potential access points.

Depending on the basic information received at the start of the project about the system under testing, we distinguish so-called “blackbox” (without any basic information), “greybox” (with average user information) and “whitebox” (carried out with administrator privileges) tests.

The following areas will be mapped with different methods:

  • External online vulnerability testing.
  • Vulnerability testing of online internet applications.
  • Vulnerability testing against internal attacks through LAN.
  • Vulnerability testing of the cellular data network (GPRS/4G).
  • Vulnerability testing of wireless networks (Wi-Fi, IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n).
  • Social engineering tests.

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