There’s no use getting the most sophisticated security tools and setting strong passwords and access protection if our colleagues cannot or do not want to behave responsibly.

This is particularly relevant to small and medium-sized companies since central regulation, which is the norm at large corporation, is generally less prevalent among them.

The human factor is among the most frequent risk factors to information security. In order to reach and maintain an adequate level of information security, we need to go beyond physical and logical protection and investigate and address the threat posed by the human factor. Problems are mainly due to the lack of necessary knowledge and a low level of awareness of cause-and-effect relationships associated with the activities.

KÜRT Ltd offers IT security awareness training programs, tailored for the needs of small and medium-sized companies that help bridge these gaps in knowledge and significantly reduce the threats to the organization posed by the inadequate knowledge of employees.

KÜRT’s training methodology includes customized subjects for different user groups, allowing each group to receive a level of training that is appropriate to their specific competences and responsibilities.

The ultimate result is the creation of an organizational culture

  • where data confidentiality is proportional to the role of said information in the organization;
  • where employees are aware of the importance of the data they manage and the possibilities inherent to the technology used;
  • where the locks are closed and alarms are switched on because they know how and why.

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