Network security solutions

A key element of the information security of organizations is the health of computer and communication networks. An appropriate design and a satisfactory level of protection for the network and the flow of information can ensure resistance to malicious attackers.

To achieve this, our network security service is based on the network security systems of the most renowned manufacturers, complemented by KÜRT’s proprietary information security methodology.

Our network security solutions:

  • Protection of the network and enhancing its security
  • Raising alarm in case of unauthorized entry
  • Preventing unauthorized access
  • Encryption of critical data in network communication

The network security systems serving as the backbone of our service are used, on the one hand, for preventing critical security incidents by making it difficult to exploit vulnerabilities and, on the other hand, for notifying the designated members of the IT team if a critical event occurs. All this is invisible to external observers, thereby further increasing security.

The products distributed by us are mainly standalone devices, but we use software as well.

  • The advantage of stand-alone devices is that their performance can be scaled depending on the size of the network and there are no compatibility issues since the programs run on the target hardware. Thanks to the redundant architecture, most hardware problems can be excluded by default.
  • It is possible to build a reliable and redundant hardware environment for software solutions as well, but, in our case, operation in the virtual environment that is becoming more and more popular is considered to be the most reliable.

Some of our solutions are available on an open-source basis as well. The advantage of these is that they can be flexibly assembled and configured to meet individual needs at a high level of security.

Our products and services cover all network security areas and provide solutions to all our customers’ needs. The conditions of our cooperation with manufacturers ensure that we can provide high-level technical support and answer our clients’ questions about the installed systems without delay.

We offer solutions in the following categories:

  • Firewalls, UTM (Unified Threat Management) tools
  • Virus and spam filters, email security systems
  • Protection of online applications
  • Encryption of network traffic, network endpoint protection
  • Network audit systems: for network traffic and database management systems
  • Security solutions of wireless networks
  • The revision and design of network topology from a security perspective

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