In the IT sector, quality is a property of a product/service that measurably defines the user’s declared or assumed expectations. Considering all this, KÜRT always tries to resolve quality assurance tasks in accordance with the client’s expectations. Quality assurance tasks can be defined for products, projects, developments as well as project management or construction work. We offer a comprehensive solution for the implementation of quality assurance tasks in the IT sector.

Quality assurance of IT system developments

Our goal is to ensure the quality control of the design of IT systems and subsystems, regardless whether development is funded from tender schemes or the company budget.

The quality assurance of IT system developments covers the following tasks:

  • Professional review of system plans
  • Monitoring of development processes
  • Professional verification of accounts by examining expert activities
  • Revision of testing methods and plans
  • Supervision of handover processes
  • Formulating points of view on the development of the IT infrastructure
  • Reviewing information security documents and system components
  • Creation of preparability protocols

For system development projects, we undertake to review and comment on the following professional documents of the solution provider:

  • Requirement specifications
  • Concept design
  • Demand specifications of the framework system
  • Technical specifications (for public procurement)
  • Management organization model
  • Logical system plan
  • Physical system plan
  • Interface specifications
  • IT security system plan
  • IT security regulation
  • Business continuity plan
  • Disaster recovery plan
  • System documentations
  • Testing documentations
  • Training documentation
  • User and operator documentation
  • Changeover plan and result documentation
  • Changeover plan and result documentation
  • Live launching scenario
  • Service management documentation

For document-type products, our customers and solution providers must come to an agreement about the expected content and quality criteria in advance. Verification of the final version of the document is carried out in cooperation with the customer’s experts.

Security quality control of software development

When developing IT software, continuous screening is crucial for guaranteeing the seamless operation of the final product. Before the live launching or transfer to commissioning, a comprehensive security review of the application is essential, the backbone of which is provided by a vulnerability test.

Quality assurance tasks are carried out in accordance with the development schedule, taking into account its changes, in continuous coordination.

Security quality control tasks for software development projects:

  • Preparation of a quality assurance plan
  • Investigation of project competences
  • Checking the project plan
  • Quality assurance of functional and other specifications
  • Quality assurance of system plans
  • Performing professional consultations
  • Participation in and availability for professional and project discussions
  • Investigation of project risks
  • Preparation of systematic and occasional quality assurance reports
  • Creation of protocols
  • Submitting expert opinions
  • Participation in the verification of project product results
  • Debating and verifying security questions
  • Submission of a list of development requests for eliminating vulnerabilities
  • Security verification of project products with vulnerability testing
  • Quality assurance of tests
  • Quality assurance of handover
  • Inspection of software documentation

Quality assurance of project management and process

On behalf of our clients, representing their interests, we provide external, independent third-party quality assurance activities for the management of IT projects. We offer the reduction of risks related to each individual project phase, the verification of project planning tasks and project plans, the implementation of project tasks as planned, regular checks, the verification of acceptance criteria and the preparation of materials used for decision-making.

The quality assurance of project management covers the following tasks:

  • Monitoring the progress of the project and the fulfillment of objectives and expectations (project design control).
  • Continuous monitoring of the supplier’s contractual commitments.
  • Warning about risks, making proposals for risk management and monitoring compliance with risk management measures.
  • Participation in the process of change management in the context of the project and providing feedback on the process.
  • Recommendation of best-practice and professional solutions; preparation of materials for making decisions; convening forums.
  • Investigating the continuous compliance of the project; enforcing documentation procedures; examining the availability of resources; and examining the efficiency of (internal and external) communication.
  • The formal examination of project documents (project plans, reports, supplier status reports and other related documents).
  • Participation in and documentation of PIB and working group discussions.

Quality assurance of investments

The purpose of quality assurance is optimizing IT investments and improvements with respect to both cost and quality.

Our service provides professional support to IT managers and performs decision-making tasks. In addition to assisting by coordination, we also monitor the professional necessity and cost-efficiency of order demands related to the services.

Our quality assurance service includes the following steps:

  • Ensuring participation in professional discussions related to IT systems.
  • Quality assurance of reminders created during and after discussions.
  • Professional consultancy for the IT manager.
  • Professional coordination with external project managers associated with the IT system.
  • Quality assurance of professional documentation related to education and other development.
  • Quality assurance of offers for development and other IT services and acquisitions.
  • Presentation of documents used for the preparation of decision related to IT projects.
  • Support for the assessment of IT procurements, the exploration of risk gaps induced by environmental changes and the preparation of leadership decisions.
  • Through the examination and professional evaluation of special information requests received from the management or third-party organizations, we make sure that all decisions made are well-founded from a security point of view.

Quality assurance of IT products

For the quality assurance of products used or proposed in IT systems, we provide advice to our clients by means of different elements of methodology.

We examine IT systems and services in the following steps:

  • Interview – a moderated conversation with participation from experts of the client or the supplier, which plays an important part in controlling system components, processes, personnel and other comprehensive topics.
  • On-the-spot inspection – if required, visual inspection of products, service premises and other elements of the physical security system is the most appropriate procedure for quickly establishing the level of security.
  • Supplier declaration – for directly non-verifiable requirements/parameters, the declaration of conformity or guarantee of the customer or its supplier may also be accepted.
  • Inspection of documents: checking the documentation provided by the client or its supplier. Testing usually ends in the drafting of detailed assessments and reviews.
  • Workshop (optional) – we organize professional training courses in areas where the experts of the customer and the supplier cannot reach an agreement. These forums provide an opportunity to hand over available information and develop shared solutions.

Quality assurance of the construction of server rooms

When assessing the quality of the server room, the first step is assessing the infrastructure of the IT system, with due regard for operational and data security considerations. This is followed by a review of the design and construction of the building at the highest technical level possible and according to the most stringent safety requirements.

The construction works of a server room are analyzed on the basis of the documentation compiled for the technical annex of the contract and are compared with the technical content of the implementation of subsystems.

During the examination of the server room, we will focus on the following areas:

  • Assessment of the proposed IT infrastructure.
  • Discovering any potential shortcomings in design during the revision of the documentation of the server room.
  • Eliminating the security flaws discovered.
  • Quality assurance of physical safety implementations.
  • Controlling logical data security operational processes, such as reviewing permissions, backups, archives and test runs.
  • Testing the adequate documentation of its operation.
  • Verification of maintenance offers (contracts) received from suppliers from a technical and economical aspect.
  • Handover of reporting and proposal documentations upon the completion of the review.
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