• Are you able to select the IT tools that provide the required security level?
  • When will information security investments be recovered?

IT development with minimum risk is what KÜRT offers

The service is intended for those who want results that meet their expectations with the least amount of time and expense.

The greatest asset of companies using IT resources is the accumulated information and know-how. Ensuring the safety of the information stored in their IT systems is the responsibility of these companies. In addition to safety parameters, the rate of return on investment, efficiency gains through the application of resources and costs savings must be taken into consideration.

Validating these aspects is not always successful. In many cases, clients are dissatisfied with the result of information security investment projects, as the project goals are not achieved. Correcting the mistakes after the fact needs considerable expense.

The problem

The same questions are asked about unsuccessful projects. The client will want to know when the overdue project will be completed and whether its development will fit into the negotiated budget. If expectations are not met, organizations start looking for those responsible, which is a very difficult task, given the high complexity of the liability system for such complex projects.

If the project is ready, the quality of the result is the most important issue.

  • Does the product meet the original requirements?
  • Have the desired information security functions been implemented?
  • Have you been able to increase efficiency and reach the targeted cost savings?

If the end product is not satisfactory, the clients will not stop until they find the cause of the fault and the person responsible. Meanwhile the end user struggles with the ineffective and cumbersome system or the badly designed functionality, wanting to know why designers failed to make it more ergonomic and why the system fails to serve the interests of the user.

At this point, the various interests of the customer, the supplier and the user cannot be harmonized any more, or only at great expense.

KÜRT’s offer

Through its knowledge and experience accumulated in the field of information security and the quality management of IT investments, KÜRT is able to contribute to the success of projects related to IT investments.

Preparation of preparatory studies in the pre-investment stage:

  • Summarizing customer requirements for a precise definition of goals.
  • Exploring the relationship between the planned investment and other running or closed investments and avoiding redundancy for a more economical execution.

In the implementation phase of the investment:

  • Developing a quality assurance plan that covers both internal and external expectations with respect to the investment, such as statutory regulations or EU guidelines, as well as the conditions required for the adoption of each phase of the project.
  • Ensuring adequate communication between the participants and a smooth flow of information in order to avoid conflicts of interest and generally promote the project.
  • Timely elimination of anomalies that jeopardize the efficiency of the investment and the presentation of prevention measures.
  • Quality assurance of testing and implementation: a thorough examination of completed development from the perspective of expectations.
  • Quality supervision in the critical first period after commissioning, since most issues with newly introduced systems emerge in the first weeks of live operation.


  • Acquisition of systems and resources that are adequate for the goals set and which generate additional positive changes through increased efficiency or cost savings.
  • Successful projects implemented within the planned deadline.
  • Sharing responsibility; responsibility is not borne by the customer alone. The participation of an independent and professionally reliable quality assurance provider is of great help to the client through sharing responsibilities.

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