• Do you wish to participate in tenders financed by the EU or Hungary?
  • You won a contract and need help for implementation and accounting?
  • Do you need help with project management and quality assurance?

Our qualified staff will assist you in the preparation of tender applications and, if needed, take over the specific quality assurance duties and obligations of a tender project or EU tender!

In many cases, external (EU or domestic) funds are needed for the realization of a good idea, which entails designing, preparing and submitting an application. For projects funded from grant money, meeting the conditions of the tender, staying within the time and budget limits and ensuring that the end result complies with the objectives are of paramount importance. In the implementation environment, it often seems that tenders have unreal requirements. The solution to this requires special tender management skills.

KÜRT’s offer

As part of the service, we offer the preparation of bids, the management of tender project and/or tender-specific quality assurance. Our expertise is proven by our several decades of experience in the management of applications and IT as well as the IPMA B (Certified Senior Project Manager), C (Certified Project Manager) as well as ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 auditor’s certifications acquired by our specialists.

Support for tender management

We undertake to compile the documentation required for the selected application:

  • Support for preparing the tender:
  • advice on tender preparation;

    advice on preparing the economic background;


    managing the acquisition of necessary documents and official papers; and


    managing the submission of the tender.


Support for project management

We undertake project management support for the winning project:

  • Concluding the grant agreement with expert support.
  • Carrying out tender project management:
  • coordination of processes connected to project activity,
  • managing information related to the project,
  • support for the selection of suppliers,
  • monitoring and supervision of the implementation of the project; initiating the change management process when discrepancies are found from the plan,
  • preparation of project progress reports and accounts, communication with the participating bodies with the purpose of complying with legal requirements,
  • control of scheduling, cost and risk,
  • contract administration.


  • Project closure:
  • closure of administrative and financial processes,
  • archiving documentation,
  • preparation of a final project progress report.

Tender-specific quality assurance

Here we focus on verifying whether commitments are fulfilled in compliance with the contract, in close cooperation with the project management staff. We support the fulfillment of strict documentation requirements with appropriate procedures and templates.

We pay special attention to establishing and maintaining consistency between cost projections included in the application and procurement/public procurement throughout the entire lifecycle of the project, including in the period of maintenance.

We provide the following services in support of the implementation:

  • Professional assistance during the procedures (handling of supplementary information, criticism, corrections etc.).
  • Technical inspection/quality assurance in the implementation phase, in particular for ensuring the completeness and quality of the documentation.
  • Coordination of the handover process for settlements, creation of documents supporting the fulfillment of contractual obligations and execution of data matching required for payments.
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Tender management


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