Századvég 2017

Századvég 2017

Századvég Economic Research Conference, September 7, 2017 Panel discussion: József Kmetty

József Kmetty was invited to give a lecture at the “Ethical Hackers – Guerillas of the 21st Century” conference organized by the Századvég Economic Research Institute.

“Companies usually try to save money on security systems. As a consequence, users gain access to a range of devices that are difficult to safeguard from cybersecurity risks,” said József Kmetty.

He also talked about the importance of ensuring that surfing on the Internet is done in a conscious and safe manner, in addition to taking appropriate data protection measures. Many people think that adequate defense against cybercriminals and other malicious hackers is not important. This is a fallacy that may cause serious problems in the long run. For one, cases of abuse of personal data have multiplied. Training and special courses aiming at enhancing IT security play an important role in raising awareness for a conscious use of the Internet and the adherence to adequate security protocols.

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